For Your Consideration: Glasvegas

Friday, January 21, 2011

While its not Tuesday, and this isn’t really “new” music (it’s over two year old music now), I have gotten really into an album recently. The album is the self-titled freshman offering from a Scottish Rock band called Glasvegas. The Glasgow based band is highly popular across the pond in the Isles, apparently reaching all the way to the number 2 spot on the UK charts. I became exposed to the band entirely by accident when their song Geraldine (video below) was the song of the week on iTunes. I liked the song, but it didn’t convince me to buy the album just yet. I was turned on to them again just last semester, while taking a Scottish Literature course in which I chose to do a presentation on Scottish Rock Music.

Glasvegas is a rare find, truly, in these dark days of samey-sounding commercial pop rock. Yes, I do sound a little pretentious there, I admit, but honestly listen to Fall Out Boy and then Panic at the Disco back to back. They sound the same, both in tone and subject matter. Admittedly, I kinda like some of Panic’s stuff off their second album, but my point is that really unique rock from modern bands isn’t really common these days. But Glasvegas? Glasvegas has a rock sound all their own, which proves to be a great, light-hearted and sometimes silly tribute to Scottishness. The lead singer, unlike fellow Glasgowans (?) Franz Ferdinand, doesn’t attempt to hide of change his accent, adding a great Scots twang to their music.

Glasvegas’ self-titled album is an honestly enjoyable, fun, and endlessly catchy mix of early Scot-rock inspired tunes, dealing with wanting, infidelity, drugs, loss, falling for your social worker, and not wanting to be stabbed (yes, seriously). Below I’ve prepared a few videos of songs off this album, for your consideration. I hope you enjoy this unique Scottish rock band as much as me!

Geraldine (music video)

Daddy's Gone (music video)


  1. Cool band! And a good post.

  2. I just noticed how much James Allen (lead singer) looks like Joe Strummer. Weird.


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