Conservatives to Kids - You are all going to live to be a 100, so pay my way because you can buy your own health care.

Friday, January 07, 2011
Mitch Daniels, Republican Governor from Indiana, with the following deep thought:
What you’re saying to these younger people is – who, by the way, I think, barring disasters, are going to live to possibly old ages, as we have always thought of it…. They will live to be more than 100, because, again, barring accidents or something, or war, well over. They should. They’ll be replacing body parts like we do tires. If you ask a young person who’s paying any attention to this, “How old do you expect to be, and how long would you like to be a vital working person?” they’re not going to find this offensive. Thirty years from now, you might work at 68, 70, 72….
Never mind that children born in 2004 are expected to live to be around 80, this idea that the younger generation needs to lower their expectations because of the Boomers might make these kids look at  Logan's Run as more than a cheesy 70's sci-fi movie.

Also, Governor Daniel's, replacing body parts like we do tires? Really? You must be reading ole Newts book on the Republican Dream future.

Hat Tip to DougJ at Balloon Juice

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  1. So are the kids or the adults going to live to be 31?


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