Invasion of The British Folksters

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
As of late, I have been drawn to a lot of the new indy folk rock groups. My first foray into the nu-folk, was with Sufjan Stevens. From there it was on to Joshua Radin, Fleet Foxes and Blind Pilot. For the most part, I was ignorant of the new British folk rock until I heard Johnny Flynn & The Sussex Wit and their debut album A Larum.

Johnny Flynn is a very talented song writer, crafting achingly and hauntingly beautiful pop confections that are deep. This is not your typical foot stomping Brit Folk Rock rather a moving type of folk recalling the late sixties folk rockers like Paul Simon and The Byrds.

Avoiding the sophomore slump, Mr. Flynn's new album, Been Listening, is another great piece of folk rock loveliness. Pick up both albums. You won't be disappointed.

Update: I have been listening to Been Listening and I am catching some very subtle Nick Drake in his music, especially in the violin & organ arrangement on the song Been Listening.

Kentucky Pill - Been Listening

More videos after the jump

 Barnacled Warship - Been Listening

The Water with Laura Marling - Been Listening

The Box - A Larum

Shore to Shore (Live) - A Larum

AV Club Review of Been Listening
Johnny Flynn's Official Site
Johnny Flynn's YouTube Channel

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