In Through the Out Door or has The Zep become monotonous

Wednesday, December 15, 2010
And if you promised you'd love so completely
An' you said you would always be true,
You swore that you never would leave me baby,
Whatever happened to you?

Fool In The Rain - Led Zeppelin
Best Album Cover... Ever
In response to an earlier post by El Kaiser Guapo and some comments regarding the post both here and on Facebook, I began to wonder if, indeed, the entire back catalog of Zep has become passe.

Clearly, Led Zeppelin was target number one for the anti-corporate ethos of the first generation of punk rockers. In spite of that, I had plenty of hard core friends who still listened to Zeppelin. Sure, Stairway To Heaven (The theme of every senior prom between 1971-1980) was already overplayed. Hell, that song was overplayed by 19751, but Led Zeppelin was still trotted out at some point during Friday night parties.

Maybe Zep has been overplayed in general on classic rock stations, but I think that some of their lesser played songs still pack a punch. Going to California (Led Zeppelin IV) is still pretty damn good. I will always have a soft spot for The Rain Song (Houses of the Holy)2.

Why not quit listening to those classic rock stations, get out your Led Zeppelin and play it loud. There is still some Zep left to appreciate.

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1.) On the 20th anniversary of the original release of the song, it was announced via U.S. radio sources that the song had logged up an estimated 2,874,000 radio plays - back to back, that would run for 44 years solid - Source: Wikipedia
2.) The Rain Song is often overlooked. It is the Led Zeppelin opus I turn to when I need 7 minutes of a Zeppelin fix.


  1. I still enjoy listening to Zeppelin and I agree, the radio stations play the same few songs over and over again, which means a lot of people have no idea what kind of music Zeppelin was really putting out. We all know it's best listened to from beginning to end....all in one sitting.


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