Conservatives to those in poverty: Don't you know being poor with children is child abuse?

Monday, December 06, 2010
Washington DC editor of The Nation and conservative pundit, Kate O'Beirne on free school breakfast and lunch:
I just don’t get why millions of school children qualify for school breakfasts unless we have a major wide spread problem with child neglect.

You know, I mean if that’s how many parents are incapable of pulling together a bowl of cereal and a banana, then we have problems that are way bigger than… that problem can’t be solved with a school breakfast, because we have parents who are just criminally… ah… criminally negligent with respect to raising children.
She really said this. On television. During a Republican strategy session. How is it that these guys took back control of the House? Not only is this just plain mean, it also demonstrates a tremendous amount of ignorance about poverty.  She assumes that these children have a banana and a bowl of cereal at home. Or that mom and dad are home to prepare it.

The biggest thing that galls me about these conservative pundits is that when it comes to reducing government spending, social programs are always on the table. Propose a cut to any military spending and they trot out the "soft on terror" canard.

So in their world, it's okay to buy munitions to arm a Predator drone and possibly kill innocent children as collateral damage. Give a kid a chance at a good breakfast? Well, we can't have that can we?

CSPAN video after the jump
Hat Tip to Crooks & Liars and Rumproast

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  1. Diane9:41 PM

    There is so much that angers me about this I almost can't think of a single thing to say. It makes me think of what John Scalzi says "Being poor is relying on people who don’t give a damn about you."
    I hope Ms. O'Beirne falls to her knees every night and prays to whatever god she has that she never ends up on the wrong side of the employment line. What in the world would she think of herself as a person if she needed help from someone?


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