Conservatives to People on Foodstamps: Foodstamps are bad because I can buy a gourmet meal on foodstamps

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
My first stop was the seafood counter, where I found the thickest swordfish steak I could, which at $18.99 per pound also turned out to be the most expensive item in the department. Then I headed to the coffee section, where I dropped $11.99 for a pound of fresh roasted beans.

From there, the milk aisle, where $8 bought a half gallon of pure organic goat’s milk. Nearby was the cheese section, where I found a tiny wedge of fancy-looking cheese from some European city I’ve never heard of and threw it my cart.

Last I hit the produce section, where I discovered a small but tasty-looking container of Chanterelle mushrooms. Price? $13.99, plus tax.

At the checkout line, I whipped out my shiny new Electronic Benefits Transfer card and watched the cashier ring up my order. The total (minus the cheese, which I discarded at the last moment) came to $51.10. Not bad for a gourmet meal, especially since I wasn’t paying for it.

So Matthew Boyle goes to Whole Foods, buys $51.10 of gourmet items and this proves... what?

The maximum a family can receive for food stamps is $526.00. Click here for more detail on food stamp eligibility.

So if you shop like this guy, you will only get to eat 10.2 meals a month. Assuming you get the maximum benefit. Assuming you are single. If you receive the maximum benefit, you can spend $17.53 a day. For your whole family. I don't think these people will be buying $18.99 per pound tuna.

Hat Tip to John Cole @ Balloon Juice

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