Conservatives to Hispanics: The DREAM Act was just a ploy to make us look anti-Hispanic. So we voted it down.

Monday, December 20, 2010
Some days, I just marvel at the audacity of the modern right winger. Bill Kristol went on Fox News and said this:
Barack Obama and Harry Reid played politics with this. You know how many hearings there were in either house, in the House and the Senate on the DREAM Act over the past two years? Zero.
Point the first Mr. Kristol, the DREAM Act has been kicking around the House and Senate since 2001. As noted in this great article over at American Progress (Myth vs Fact: The DREAM Act)
...this is not a new or complicated bill. The basic elements of the DREAM Act are straightforward, well understood, and have been considered numerous times over the last nine years. It has been introduced every Congress since 2001. It passed the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 16-3 vote in October 2003. And it passed the Senate Judiciary Committee again in 2006 by voice vote as part of the McCain-Kennedy comprehensive bill, which passed the full Senate by a 62-36 margin.
There they go again, just making shit up1. So, Mr. Kristol, are you saying that you aren't racist but the Democrats made you look racist? Wow. That train of thought just gave me whiplash. Thank you Bloody Bill for letting me know who the real victims are.

Hat Tip to Heather @ Crooks & Liars
1.) Look something else bipartisan that McCain supported in the past. DADT? Not Anymore. DREAM Act? What was that?Is senile the new Mavericky?

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