Too many ideas and too little focus

Thursday, November 04, 2010
I have a lot in the pipeline right now. A semi written short story called "Dead Is Space". A post about some friends back in the late 70's. I am toying with an idea of making a stop motion movie. I have several what's the deal with and random musing's in the bin.

I am experiencing a bit of a creative storm, but the combination of recovery and pain meds have made it a little difficult to focus. Being trapped inside the house and not being able to go out a shoot is awful. My walks around the area with my camera have the tremendous affect in soothing my thoughts, bringing me a bit of creative clarity.

I did manage to get outside yesterday and wander around yard to get a few shot's yesterday. I am especially fond of this one, Green In Light:
Green In Light
Here's to hoping my creative endeavors continue to move forward. I am feeling pretty good in that department, pain meds be damned. Today, I am the proudest monkey!

This is blog post 114 for 2010. Only 27 more to go to meet last years output.

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