Recovery Day 10 - Bored? Why yes I am. Thank You

Saturday, November 06, 2010
Shaggy Me
I am sooooooo bored. So what have I done since arriving home last Sunday? Well, I have been out of the house twice, once even out of the yard. I did take a picture of my surgical scar, which I have discretely hidden after the jump. I am getting better... well at least I think am. I am still taking 3 pain pills daily, along with muscle relaxers.

I have slept through the night the last couple of nights, so that's something. I have not shaved since I had surgery, so I am getting a little shaggy. Naps, drugs and watching cartoons aside, I am having fun.

The first part of Dead In Space is nearly done. It should be ready for posting Monday. My other blog entries are in process and a very special project is in the works for some of my family and plurk friends.
This is blog post 117 for 2010. Only 24 more to go to meet last years output.

Finally, feel free to click through the jump if you wanna see my surgical scars! It's a little gross, so don't feel like you have to.

Scar-ry isn't it?


  1. still haven't lost your sense of humor. Never do!! I hope this scar will heal well for you! I love that picture of you all scruffy with a hat on...! Be well my friend. :)

  2. Good it isn't to bad and. I'm VERY curious on what to come for us plurkers! Hm, like I need to say I'm curious by now.. *lol*

    p.s scar's not to gross


  3. Can't wait for the Plurk thingie! erm... gonna skip the scar, though. I'm a sqeamish sorta citizen...

  4. Anonymous8:40 PM

    heh, I have much scarier post surgery pics somewhere! but that is one heack of a scar indeed at the moment! You are doing a great job of holding onto your sense of humour! I can imagine it's hard to rest as much as you should! Love the pic of you!

    1st word verification for me was sordepl. first I went sordid? then sort of people? then I thought swordplay! my mind works in odd ways!


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