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Tuesday, November 30, 2010
In 2005, I started this blog and promptly quit blogging. Blogging was still sort of trendy in those days, but, I felt I didn't really have any thing to say, which I noted in my very first blog post:
I know. It's nothing new. Everyone has a blog. Even your grandma. Why should you even care that yet another soul is joining the blog world?
 At the time, I figured it would just be a place to post random stuff I found around the web and maybe tell a story or two. Which I did. Fairly regularly. For about 3 months. Then I wrote a post about how I was going to bring "focus" to my blog in December of 2005. I wrote two more posts after that and only one worth mentioning.

Maybe I  didn't really have anything to say. I wasn't ready. Somewhere around 2006, I started to get lonely. The wife was back in school and the boys were leaving the nest one by one. I really only had one friend, but his life was (and continues) to go different directions. After complaining for what seemed like the millionth time, Diane gently suggested I try "social networking"1.

After a few more complaints, I signed up for Facebook, snagged a Twitter account and tried out Plurk2. I decided to approach it as an experiment. Could I find friends and fulfillment on the web? I decided to start posting on my blog again as well. On December 1st 2008, I posted a long rambling post about myself and Pink Floyd. On December 2nd I explained myself. Tomorrow will be this blogs 2 year anniversary. I think I have two more years of posts in me. Thanks for reading.

1. ) Most of my geek peer group consider "social networking" to be the modern equivalent of the AOL users invasion of 1993 and they aren't afraid to express their opinion about it. Strangely enough, they all have FB pages and Twitter feeds.
2. ) I had a meltdown that included me deleting my original Plurk account. I created a new account with the express point of not having more than 50 friends. Any more then that and it's just noise.
This is blog post 134 for 2010. Only 7 more to match last years output.


  1. By a gentle suggestion, a quirk of fate and the miracle of the internet our paths have crossed my friend. For this I am thankful. In the time we have shared, you have often made me pause for thought and I have had the pleasure in sharing your unique talents. May it long continue.

    "Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno!"


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