French Pop Diva's of the 60's and 70's

Sunday, November 28, 2010
Everybody has a time in history where they wished they lived. I have several, but the one that attracts me the most is the French New Wave period. The great films and glamorous starlets. The style attracts me more than anything.

 In light of that, today's (almost) Pick Six features 5 of my favorite female french pop stars. Since I am in a hurry, I am just going to post the videos after the jump. I need to get back to watching football

Brigette Bardot - Moi Je Joue

Françoise Hardy - Le temps de l'amour

France Gall - Ella, Elle L'a  (Yes I know she is from the 80's but... I couldn't leave her out)

Clothilde - Saperlipopette

Dalida - Le Temps Des Fleurs

Francoise Hardy - Voila (Live)

This is blog post 133 for 2010. Only 8 more to match last years output.


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