2010 Another Year Older and Closer

Saturday, November 27, 2010
These days seem darker than ever. I grow equally tired and cynical in my old age. I hope against hope that we can turn it around, but the grind of each day tells me different. Perhaps tomorrow I will feel different, but today I am still overwhelmed.
where were you when the world lost it's mind
when logic and reason were sacrificed for the six o'clock sound bite
where were you when fair and balanced were reduced to a catchphrase
when two sides to every story became an ongoing shriek fest
where were you when the end of the world stopped being a hint
when looming specter became some bible thumpers self fulfilling prophesy
where were you when ownership became a value
when most just ignored it all and texted in their vote for the next packaged hero
where were you when the world lost it's way
when reasonable voices became lost in the whirlwind of hysteria
where were you
I have a challenge for planet Earth and it's denizens... prove me wrong.
 This is blog post 130 for 2010. Only 11 more to match last years output.


  1. made me think of saying "The few evil will win as long as the many good don't object but allows it"

  2. Ooh that's a good saying Linda. I will need to remember that.


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