The train doesn't stop here anymore

Friday, October 22, 2010
Late Autumn Friday Morning On Front Street
The Bandstand
The train rushes behind the old bandstand
beside the old Union hall
This was once a railroad town
There was a time when the trains
Stopped here, moving passengers, across the heartland
There was a time when the trains
Stopped here, to get repairs, to keep a new America growing
The trucks pull off the interstate,
settling in the back of the Walmart parking lot
Now it's just a interstate town,
people stop to frequent the fast food franchises
Eating and rushing off to someplace else, another interstate town
The people stop now and walk the historic main street
Lovingly restored to look like those glory days
When this used to be a railroad town

This is blog post  103 for 2010. Only 38 more to go to meet last years output.

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