Media Narrative... It's not just about truthiness anymore

Sunday, October 03, 2010
Well, the progressive blogosphere is ablaze this morning regarding the lack of media coverage of yesterday's One Nation Working Together rally in D.C. To my eye, it looks like it might of been a little better attended then Beckapalooza or at least with the same attendance.
Further research indicates, that the photo I was using was misleading. I stand by my assertion that the major media is ignoring the progressive left, but, it is clear that many more people did show up for the Restoring Honor rally.

Sadly, while the major media tripped all over themselves to cover the Restoring Honor rally, their coverage of the One Nation rally was, at best, an afterthought and at worst, non-existent.

So much for the idea of a liberal media bias. Maybe they will show up for the competing Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies. Which, according to Mr. Beck, is a liberal plot.


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