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Saturday, October 23, 2010
So, today it is time for 23 on the 23rd pictures. I thought I would do a quick Google search and this 23 minutes in hell result came up. I thought 'What exactly is this about?'. Maybe a metal song? The name of the band? It turns out to be none of these. It turns out to be this: 23 Minutes in HELL, by Bill Wiese, in which Bill is given a tour of hell by Jesus Christ1. Watch the whole amazing story:

It's more than an hour long. Say you want about Bill, he is quite earnest in sharing his experience. It's amazing what people will believe in the name of faith.

This reminds me of the Great Jehovah's Witness Troll Doll Scare. I remember other kids trashing the house, claiming they were possessed. I never had the balls to do that, but I sure did admire those kids. Plus, like Bill, what a great story to tell the faithful. Maybe I need to do a video called "23 minutes in troll-dom! I was Possessed by a Troll Doll!"

 I say Bill and Jesus deserve a big thank you for letting us know what hell will be like. I will save you a seat by the door,

1 - I know this will doom me to suffer eternally in the minds of the true believers, but, What a Hell Of A Tour Guide!
This is blog post  106 for 2010. Only 35 more to go to meet last years output. 

BTW - Here is my 23 on the 23rd pic:
Time Lapse 23

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