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Monday, September 13, 2010
Sadly, too many blogs, especially those of a political stripe, spend a lot of time whining about the current state of the world. Other blogs, like mine, spend to much time whining about life or posting maudlin poetry (again, see; my blog. I am the king of bad maudlin poetry). The one thing they all have in common is a whole lot of talk and not a whole lot of action.

Everybody wants to change the world. I know I spend a lot of time thinking that if people would just listen to me, I could make a difference. As if my grandiosity and delusions of genius could actually change the world. In fact, in my more lucid moments, the idea of me changing the world sends chills done my spine.

This whole cycle of whining, grandiosity and depression is self defeating. It will never change the world. So how do you change the world? I only know of one person in my life who has figured it out.

Around six years ago, my dear wife said to me; "I want to help people". She had spent the seven years working as a paralegal for Child Support Services, suing people for back child support. While this is an important job, it is also very stressful. So I wasn't surprised when she wanted a change of pace.

She started out on her new job as a voc-tech educational case worker. Her job involved helping people get into training programs, finding them childcare if they needed and giving a helping hand in any other part of their life.

Later she became the Adult Education director, helping people get their GED and get into school. She has tremendous empathy for her clients, but she isn't a pushover. She actively seeks new teaching strategies and new funding methods to offer the widest range of services to these community residents.

What my wife has figured out is this: You change the world one life at a time. Whether it is giving some kid who has run out of chances, one more  chance; or sending $20.00 to someone trying to start a bakery in Afghanistan, this world revolves around one hand reaching to help another.

It is something my children have learned from her. It is the most important value our family has. I couldn't be prouder of her.

Some of Diane's favorite charities:, Doctors without Borders, Habitat for Humanity and always support your local food bank.


  1. Your wife sounds great! (and I already know you are. Bad maudlin poetry notwithstanding)

  2. It's wonderful that you appreciate Diane's contributions. She is participating in and impacting lives for the positive, and I'm truly inspired. May life touch her in ways that affirm her important work. Thanks for this post.

  3. You change the world one life at a time.

    Isn't that it, right on target? You and your wife and your children are lucky you have each other - live long and proSper.


  4. Thinkers might understand... Doers achieve! Yay for Diane.

    {{tips hat}}

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