10 Thoughts You Need To Know

Monday, August 16, 2010
I have a new blog tag for Random Thoughts as they occur to me. Sure they don't make sense... but they keep me entertained

  1. Love is always illogical. That's what makes it wonderful.
  2. Fear is normal. Happiness is normal. Fear of happiness in counterproductive.
  3. Sure it's a chaotic universe. That's why I don't sort my socks.
  4. Many is the time I have wanted to ask the world "where is *my* pudding pop?"
  5. I had a thought about the definition of inchoate….
  6. Freedom is not the same thing as free, just like knowledge is not the same thing as knowing.
  7. I felt fantastic, but I don't think fantastic appreciated it.
  8. Good mental health is a mental state, crazy is a state of being.
  9. I am awake. My eyes just needed inspect the back of my eyelids.
  10. Denying your foibles only makes them stronger
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  1. These are awesome, keep the thought provoking juice flowing. :) Thanks.

  2. I'm glad I'm a state of being rather than a state. :D


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