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Friday, July 02, 2010
Update 7:30: Upon further review, I am not sure what point I was trying to make when I wrote this. It seems kind of whiny, even for me. Anyway, if you have any thoughts as to what this mess means, feel free to let me know...

Let's face it, some people are better at self promotion than others. I once worked with a guy who was always very helpful when your project was successful. This always translated into kudos for him. Sure, I would get a shout out for my endeavor, but he was getting a pat on the back for all his "help" in these projects by everyone in our team. It looked like every single successful project had him to thank.

I am not saying he didn't help, because he did. I am also not saying that he would take credit away from you. It was a cumulative thing. No failed projects had his name attached and all the successful ones did. He had an unnatural predilection for helping on only those projects that would be a hit. He understood the nature of self promotion.

I bear this former co-worker no ill will. In fact, I even have a begrudging respect for his ability to play the game. I tend to not want to play the game and have very little patience for such things. I think my work should speak for itself and there should be no reason for me to crow about it. Of course, I no longer work for that company and he does. That says something, doesn't it?

There are people online who get self promotion. They understand that you need to network and friend the right people. They know they can't be too picky when accepting friend requests. Or maybe, they don't. Maybe they are just very self assured. They know that they have something to give and it doesn't even cross their minds to think any different.

A cynic might say they are shameless. I don't think that's true. I suspect they are more secure in their skins than I am. So what don't I get about self promotion? Is that I think that if I put something out there and promote it, everyone one should ooh and aah? Do I take a lack of a response as a critique of my work? Is it just insecurity?

It goes without saying that I am very insecure. You say, "How is it that you think you are insecure?". Many comedians are insecure, which seems odd when you consider the nearly universal fear of public speaking. Why do they do it? Simple, instant feedback. If you kill, you know. You can live with failure, so bombing, while painful, isn't so bad. Well, not life ending anyways.

It's kind of the same way with cooking. You get instant feedback there too. If you did a study of comedians and chefs, would you find a disproportionately higher number of insecure people in their ranks? Or, would it just be a bunch of people who think their work should speak for itself? Maybe, social networking isn't for everybody.
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