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Friday, June 04, 2010
Only 4 blog posts for May? What have I been doing? Oh yeah, work and VACATION!!!!!!! I 1,027 photos to go through from my respite from work. I have edited 18 photos and I am only through day 4 of the trip.

I know one thing I learned on this trip, I will never, ever, travel without my MacBook Air again. Not because I needed to be in contact with the real world. I can stay in contact easily enough with my Droid. No, having a laptop on hand is helpful for reviewing photos after a day out and getting idea of what is a keeper and what isn't.

This one may not be a keeper, but I did have fun making it:
Iggy Crawl
If you are interested in how I did this, here is a Photoshop tutorial on how to do this and a GIMP Tutorial

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