The view behind and beyond

Saturday, May 01, 2010
I headed out of Casper
East along the old road that was once the old trail
As a spring snowstorm blew in behind me
Down the road past the refinery and the wind farm
Where the North Platte roams, still keeping it's own time.
Past the detritus of almost two hundred years of progress
On the high plains of what were the neutral lands of the first nations
The trees had yet to reveal their green leaves and snow still hid in shaded arroyos
The west was spread out before me, still visible from the edge of the asphalt

From meeting place to crossroads to tourist destination
The roads of tears and progress cross the plains
From trapper to pioneer to mule train
This land was a halfway point to the future

I headed out of Casper
Hoping to glimpse the ghosts of the old trails
Of dreams found and nightmares realized
The entire history of this world played out in this place
Big visions under even bigger skies
Where bison was once roamed and antelope and deer still do
Still leaping the fences as if they never really existed
The rocks stand as quiet witness to decades as they pass
The west spread out before me, whispers of history in the wind

From native to cowboy to oilfield roughneck
This land would call and was never what it seemed
From game trail to cow trail to paved road
Their tracks forever etched on the land

Photo By J.R. White, Spring Storm HDR


  1. My kind of place and my kind of writing J. Much appreciated. Places where distance and time marry allow us to contemplate whatever we choose. You have expressed that so well. Congratulations my friend.


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