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Tuesday, April 06, 2010
I haven't posted yet this month only because I am working on new and interesting projects and finishing up a few old ones. Some are ultra top secret and very hush hush, but I can share with you a couple of these projects.

1. Tiltshift Timelapse. This is a simple attempt to make a tilt shift timelapse. This first test was sampled via a webcam using VideoCAT on an XP box, sampling an image every 850ms. I then used Photoshop CS4 & an automation script to apply a fake title shift effect to every image. Finally, I used ffmpeg to stitch all the files together into one MP4 file

The effect here is just okay, but I have another set of video files that I am going to process that are of much higher resolution.

2. Next up? My command line PLURK api application. It's kind of buggy. It downloads your plurks, so it can be used offline. I wanted the alpha version to have an old school email client look, like PINE.
So there you go. That's what I have been doing. Now I need to get back to work.


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