The Day After Earth Day - Are You a Host?

Friday, April 23, 2010
Some time ago I asked if you were a guest or host in this life. It is a thought I frequently have. I can't claim that it is my thought, this idea of being a guest or host. It is an idea I picked up from David Gerrold's third Chtorr book, A Rage for Revenge.

The upshot of it is this; We should all try to be hosts rather than guests. Being a guest means that you expect someone else to clean up after you. When you stay in a hotel, do you make the bed? Probably not.

A host is there to serve in whatever fashion is needed. Whether it means picking up that garbage casually tossed when out hiking or making harder choices about your own consumption, being a host means sacrificing your "self" for the greater good and greater need.

The important thing to remember is that you can't make someone a host. You must choose to be a host. So on every day, not just Earth Day, I choose to be a host. I will do one thing to make a difference today.

For those of you familiar with the source material, I am not endorsing Mode training. I find some of it's central ideas interesting, but that is all.

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  1. Pwerful words these - I, too, will do one thing to make a difference toay and will try to do so daily.

    When I'm in a hotel, I make the bed and tidy the room before I leave: when I'm at home, I throw the sheets in a haphazard manner such that it's kinda tiday. Oddness.


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