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Thursday, March 11, 2010
A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Northern Light bestowed upon me the following award:
 Along with this came the instructions that I must list 7 things about myself that very few people now. I am, by my nature, generally disinclined to participate in these types of things, but since it was Northern Light and because my blog has been mentioned by at least one other in this context, I figured I would be remiss if I didn't give it a try.

My definition of "unknown things" would be stuff I very seldom talk about. Of course some of you reading this entry will know some of this.  So, here are seven things about me that are pretty much unknown to the world at large:
  1. I come from VERY large family. I have three older sisters, one older brother, three younger sisters and two younger brothers. Yes, that makes ten of us. They mostly live in the Seattle area or just over the mountains in Kittitas county. My baby brother is currently in the Tri-Cities area of Washington. I have always lived quite a ways from my family. This is a very conscious decision on my part. I love my family, but I have always felt "apart" from them. I am closer to some of them then others. I always miss them, but I feel like I can never go back. 1 (look footnotes!)
  2. I am an atheist. Not a flame war starting atheist, but an atheist nonetheless. Living in rural & conservative USA, this is not something you freely share.
  3. When it comes to food, there is nothing I won't try. Really.
  4. I listen to quite a bit of what can only be described as 70's easy listening rock, or more fondly; Yacht Rock. Oh yeah, I also listen to Billy Joel and Hall & Oates. I know, there goes my music cred. Does it help if I tell you I am listening to the Clash right now? Okay, I lied. I am listening to Steely Dan.2
  5.  I am a frustrated artist and musician who comes from a family of both artists and musicians. I can't paint and I play the drums... poorly.
  6. I tell everyone my favorite color is blue, when really, it's black.
  7. I always cry when watching Tears of Endearment, No, not the hospital scene where Aurora (Shirley MacLaine) just wants the nurses to give her daughter the damn shot. I cry when Garret (Jack Nicholson) shows up at the hotel. When Aurora says "Well... Who would have expected you to be a nice guy?", it gets me every time.3

The ten blogs I read regularly, not including political blogs4? Well seven of them are plurkers or used to be on Plurk and two are "sort of" celebrity blogs and one is a political blog.
  1. Quo Vadis Cowboy? - One of my fellow musketeers and a great poet and artist.
  2. rantz - blah blah blah blog - Another musketeer and one of the best photographers I know.
  3. Northern Light - She started it. :-D
  4. Bee's Closed Doors - A good friends blog that has not been updated in nearly two years, but maybe he will get back to it.
  5. Gaephilia - Another fellow plurker who has not blogged in awhile, but maybe she will get back to it. I love her approach.
  6. Not Direct - An ex plurker who still has a great blog!
  7. Six Smiling Eyes - Another plurker who hasn't blogged in awhile.
  8. WWdN:In Exile - Wil Wheaton's blog. Funny, interesting and pretty damn cool.
  9. Whatever - John Scalzi's blog. One of my favorite writers. By the way, you must read "The God Engines". I can't really describe the story other than to say "WOW!!!!"
  10. Sadly, NO! - The best US liberal political snark on the web (with World-O-Crap being a close second)

Okay, that's ten (sort of). On to the footnotes!
1. You can argue that it is my choice to live away from my family that causes my feeling of being apart from them. It's kind of a chicken & egg thing.
2. I have no bias against any music as long as it's performed well. Pop music gets derided in some of my music circles as being something "bad" or "corporate". I admire a catchy hook just as much as I admire a clever turn of phrase.
3. True story. When my eldest son was six or seven, we were watching Terms of Endearment and I mentioned the part I always cry at. I had to go outside to do something and when that scene came up, Jason ran out on the porch and loudly shouted to me (and the world) "Dad! It's that part where you always cry!". Side note. Why, exactly, does this scene make me cry? If you can figure that out you would know an awful lot about me.
4. I read a lot of blogs. Science Fiction blogs, Science blogs, Foodie blogs, Celebrity blogs, Political Blogs. I check in on over 50 blogs a week that I like to read. If you are interested, some of them are listed on this blog... or just ask me.


  1. Anonymous4:29 PM

    Your footnotes are the best!!! *HUGS*

  2. Grand words you've written here - and I'm stoked with your comment about my photography - thank you.

  3. Asks has it been 2 years since there's been a new *Closed Door*?
    Must do something about that.

  4. I find it very sad that one of the things we all have in common is feeling apart from one another. It's not just you. BTW, I miss you. You should call me.

  5. As always J, you are candid and generous. I bless the internet for allowing me to get to know you and your work. I look forward to a long friendship.


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