Random Verse - The piece of quiet

Thursday, February 04, 2010
The march of days
Brings you here
In quiet
Not afraid

All things end
You can rest
assured you
did your best

A piece of peace
awaits at this precipice
you can sleep now
Every sad song
Every lost heart
Every stop and start

Every fierce fight
Every sly grin
Every loss and win

Every dance
Every lost friend
Every beginning and end

Every hurtful word
Every passionate night
Every calm and fright

They are all here to say goodbye.
Not everyone gets
famous last words
Some flame out
Before their voice is heard

Not everything
makes sense
or is even sane
it is all pretense

Not everyone gets
to choose
their moment
A myth to disabuse
What if you disappeared from this world and no one noticed?


  1. Do not pretend you are not heard,
    Or kid yourself your life's absurd,
    It's rare to find people such as you,
    Who understand what's really black and very true...
    In pictures and in words you were born to create,
    A sense from chaos, make no mistake...
    Kindred spirits there are plenty...
    To fill the void when all seems empty.

    To my very talented friend, I wish you well.


  2. People notice. We notice.

  3. Anonymous5:23 AM

    More people than you think would notice!! I wish you well my friend!


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