Random Verse & Musings - Not Always Dark Clouds and Angst

Friday, February 26, 2010
I am not always doom and gloom. No, really. I can greet the day and reflect on it's beauty. Days that begin all shiny and sparkly can be both therapeutic and inspirational.

Today, on the drive into work, I reflected on the fact that I see this world in horizontal lines, or, more accurately, as a series of receding horizons. Living where I do, there are days where the distant views of mountain range on top of mountain range leave me breathless.

Those days, driving in my car, marveling at the view, I imagine I am going nowhere and everywhere all at once. It makes me feel small, but not insignificant.

I grew up just a short drive from the Pacific Ocean, a view I also appreciate, but it does not move me like the views where I live. Standing on the foothills at the edge of the great prairies of the middle of North America. Resting at the summit reveling in the surrounding mountain chains. Looking up at the great faces of sandstone and granite. My inspiration lives here.
Signs of a Better Day
The dawn breaks to clear skies
The sun shines through leafless limbs
The world presents itself in broken horizontal lines

Shadows cast in black and white
And the rest in a technicolor symphony

The peaks reflect their snow covered majesty
The river sparkles with broken ice and surging dark waters
The blue sky welcomes lines of wispy white clouds

Shadows draw vertical borders in the mid-day
And the rest  in colorful harmony

The dusk comes in red orange brilliance
The sandstone shares it's deepest revelations
The evening star twinkles on the edge of vision

Shadows merge with the inky darkness
And the rest recede for another sunny day
Photo By Jay R. White - Badlands Sunrise - July 2008.


  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Nice take on our magical world, thanks Jay. Nancy/Zoiks

  2. One of the most memorable moments of feeling this way was back 1998. I was up on Skull Butte above La Barge, Wyoming. To the west was the start of the Bridger range, to the east the Wind River range. The Green River sparkled as it cut across the high desert that comprises the Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge. Stunning.


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