Random Verse - Checking in with yourself

Monday, February 01, 2010
When I write, occasionally it is semi autobiographical, stemming from internal struggles and emotional stress. The strange part is that I usually don't notice it until I have completed the writing. All of my poetry comes from a phrase rattling around my head rather than an idea of what I want to write about. Today's verse actually started with this phrase: "Failing that, just keep going on."

You will notice the phrase itself doesn't appear in the poem, but it started a stream of phrases that seemed to be unrelated. This was one of those writing exercises that felt more like purging then phrasing. I edited it a bit and present it here. I am pretty sure this is one of those occasional semi autobiographical poems.

Truth has a way of  catching up with you.
Those little lies you tell yourself just to get by.
It's not their karma but your own that plagues you.
All those relativistic gymnastics are justifications to stay put.
There is comfort in the pain you know.
It's easier than the fear of what can't be fathomed.
Rest assured, the crossroads will come.
That fork in the road will demand a choice.
Your life's map is simply a suggestion
Sometimes it's best to take a leap of faith.
It's never to late to go a different way.
Life has a way of catching up with you.
Pretending it won't doesn't change that fact.

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  1. um... were you listening in at my therapy session today? This is unbelievably apt. And left me more than a little verklempt.

    This is really, really good.


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