Random Verse - Nevermind the blackholes

Tuesday, January 19, 2010
Just a quick verse, presented without commentary.
Some people need to be the center of their universe
unaware of the brilliant starscape around them
Others would rather find find a safe orbit
in the light of a bright sun and shadow of giants

Some people race like comets
passing through other's orbits and racing on
Others would rather drift with the asteroids
content to dance with the other aimless rocks

Some people are shooting stars
flaming out in the atmosphere of modern life
Others stake their claims in distant orbits
observing the chaos from a safe distance

Some people shine as the sun warming in their wake
bringing comfort to their own planets
Others believe they are their own worlds
never seeing the effect of gravity on themselves

Some people see the whole grand interplay
and define the universe for us
Others are just looking for their own sun
their own orbit, their own world


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