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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
I have been pretty exhausted following my last blog post, but I have a few thoughts rattling around my brain.

Tonight is the presidents first State of The Union address. I am sick of the following things as it relates to politics:
  1. Calling the President the POTUS
  2. Along with that, referring to the State of The Union as the SOTUs
  3. Bloggers and Pundits pontificating on what the president should say, what he will say and why he said it.
Apple released the iPad today after many weeks of conjecture about what the Apple Tablet, now iPad, was going to be. Pundits have claimed it will be a Kindle killer, a netbook killer & a killer killer. It turns out to be pretty much just a big iPod. It is beautiful, of course, with a gorgeous screen, but it's from Apple so what else did you expect? As for this being the next killer device from Apple, only time will tell.
    I downloaded the new Vampire Weekend album, Contra a couple of weeks ago and it has enjoyed pretty heavy rotation on my playlist. It's at least as good as their debut album. Currently, it's trending at 80% at Metacritic compared to 82% for their debut. I will say this, "Taxi Cab" is rapidly becoming an all time favorite song and Vampire Weekend needs to release "Cousins" to Rock Band.

    That song would require someone who could actually play that thing called a drum kit in Rock Band.

    I worried about Barenaked Ladies following Stephen Page's exit from the band. BNL released a song from their upcoming "All in Good Time" album. You know what? "You Run Away" is pretty good. A big thanks and hat tip to Northern Light for sharing this.

    I have been playing with techniques to create high contrast Black & White photos. I am pretty happy so far with these experiments, especially this one:
    Fossil Butte Winter Panorama BW
    I actually saw the black white version of this in my minds eye, and the final version turned out pretty much like I imagined it. You can view my whole BW set here. Once I have formalized these techniques in Photoshop & GIMP, I will have a post on it.


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