Random Musings - The Real Reason I Changed Offices

Monday, January 04, 2010
When I first came to work here, I was on the NW side of the building in a normal size office, which was fine, but when I was made the Marketing Director, I was given a huge office. I didn't need an office that big but, there I was, in this double size office.

It was nice enough I guess, but as we grew and needed more space, I noted one day that my office was big enough to be a class/seminar room for at least 15 people (according to local fire code 19.4 people). I generously offered to give up my office and move into something smaller. Preferably on the NW side of the building.

I had an ulterior motive however. I work nights a lot, mostly teaching non-credit computer courses and certification classes and I missed the sunsets. Southwest Wyoming has the most amazing sunsets. Today was my first full day of work in my new office, and here is the real reason I moved. Don't tell anyone.
The Real Reason I Switched Offices


  1. Lovely. I miss my last classroom. I'm an early morning worker, and I would honestly watch the sun rise over the park behind our school. In autumn, there's nothing prettier.

  2. LindaN2:44 AM

    Wonderful reason to move, wish i could photo like this when seeing beautiful sunsets!


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