Random Verse - West Revisited 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

In 1995, I made a journey. It had began as a simple trip to Dallas to pick up a car for my in-laws and drive it back to Utah. At the time, I was unhappy. I don't think I realized it at the time. I was thirty one and still wanting to be twenty one. Somewhere between Dallas and Salt Lake City, something cathartic happened.

It wasn't one of those epiphanies where everything is suddenly seen in stark relief. It was just that a peace came over me. A level of acceptance of who I was, both my capabilities and shortcomings. At the time I composed a poem called West. When I think of it today, it was incomplete. At the time, I was not, as yet, fully aware of the significance of the event. More likely, I wasn't emotionally mature enough to understand what had happened.
West Revisited 2009
In 1995 he traveled west

Clapton covered The Stones

And Elvis wasn’t there
The dark closed in

as he left Amarillo behind

Lightning on plains in the panhandle
His petty emotional storms

merely a pale imitation

of natures own
The trip continued

along the edge of the Rockies

and through the heart of the west
It was not an epiphany
in the high deserts

Of Wyoming
It was just time for a change

to stop hiding in the past

and fearing for the future
All alone on the road

west to the world

and east of the coast
Like his ancestors

Along the Oregon Trail

The world was wide open
He had finally come home.


  1. Gina (plurk)4:46 PM

    such a beautiful story of a transformation in your way of thinking..Thank You for sharing


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