Random Verse - A New Year On Balance (a reflection & a wish)

Thursday, December 31, 2009

This photo was taken on December 31st 2008. It was the last picture I took last year. Over 2009, I have seen many stunning sunrises and sunsets. Whether it is simple sunset out my window or a dramatic sunset in the northern Pacific, on balance, I have no complaints.
New Years. On Balance.
A Reflection
The old year passes like any other
No epiphanies to be had
On balance, there is no reason to complain

The journey of life is like any other
Filled with stormy seas and flat waters
On balance, the waves bring as much as they take

Life's small truths revealed are like any other
Some life altering, some life affirming
On balance, it's all change for moving forward

Friends old and new met this year like any other
To stand by in times momentous and tragic
On balance, their journey reflects your own

Family to cherish, like any other
Some held close, others held away
On balance, their love sustains you

The old year passes like any other
The road moves ever forward
On balance, there is no reason to complain

A Wish
The new year comes in like any other
The promise of brighter tomorrow's shine
On balance, those days will be remembered

The new year begins with fireworks like any other
The hope for happy days and grand adventures await
On balance, here is to more happy than sad

The new year brings hope like any other
The wish of new beginnings stand ahead
On balance, may yours be fulfilled

The new year comes in like any other
All things are possible in this blue moon
On balance, may bliss be your companion


  1. A statement of contentment J and very nicely put too sir. Much enjoyed.

  2. Balance - so valuable, yet so rare. Have a wonderful blue moon New Year.

  3. gina70r12:03 PM

    That is so beautifully written, Thank You. I hope your new year has much happiness.


  4. Well said!

    Hope there is balance & happiness in the year ahead...


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