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Sunday, December 27, 2009
Two of my New Years goals go hand in hand. The first is to reach a point where I am walking at least 2 miles every day. The second is to shoot one picture a day. Being the kind of person who doesn't wait once I decide to set a goal, I started these two things yesterday. So I have walked 2.2 miles the last two days. I decide that since I am already out, I might as well take along my camera. Here is my first entry:
More Winter Clouds
As a side note, I have noted in the past, that I don't fancy myself a "great" photographer, rather just an average photographer with highly developed digital photo manipulation skills. Consider the following. This began life as a rather simple photo:

A little level adjustment brought it to this:

Then a quick crop, the addition of a blue layer set to overlay with 85% opacity. Then I flattened the image & duplicated the layer, inverted it, applied a Gaussian blur filter at 5 pixels on the layer, set the layer blending to Overlay and set the opacity to 95%. And you get this (see the quick brighten technique here):
Winter Clouds
I know this post is more random than usual. Perhaps even a little manic, but as I was walking today from point A to point B, it was what I was thinking about. Happy Almost New Year.
Some notes: I modified the example photo using GIMP. Also, I created a Plurk People Photo-A-Day group. If you are interested, feel free to join up.


  1. gina70r3:24 PM

    the pictures are wonderful, I can lay on the grass and watch the clouds roll by for hours...


  2. I love your pictures! It's very cool too see the steps you took to create this picture. I have been a regular runner, (now run some days and walk others) and it has inspired me artistically as well as improved my health. So I of course think your walking idea is great! Thank you for sharing this!
    Dorothy, outoftheblue

  3. Random and manic work. :D


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