Random Verse - A Traditional Thanksgiving Revisited

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the states, traditionally time to give thanks and reflect on our pilgrim forebears. As we grow older, we tend to get a bit more cynical about the whole thing, which was my inspiration for this poem.

Please note,  my own Thanksgiving is nothing like this. Rather it is a small intimate event with my family, mother in law and a few close friends. This poem celebrates the sitcom view of turkey day. I hope you all have a great day. A day to be thankful for.

The Traditional Thanksgiving Revisited

A Turkey and Tension
An aunt who had a bit too much and an uncle with bad name retention
A brother soap-boxing with a can of beer and incisive opinion
and a mother making sure everyone knows the kitchen is her dominion

A Turkey and Tension
Candied Yams and Guilt and mashed potatoes of unparalleled dimension
A vegan cousin, wishing the turkey's could be free
and a sister sharing stories about the bowel movements of her child who is three

A Turkey and Tension
Pumpkin Pies and Cool Whip and kids demanding attention
Conversation about a Black Friday sale
spoken loudly for all to hear while a stressed out dog chases his tail

A Turkey and Tension
and that one aunt who views everyone with condescension
Fathers hiding in the den watching the game
and moody teenagers who find it all lame

A Turkey and Tension
and that seven bean casserole viewed with apprehension
When dinner is finally served, the hubbub will cease
and everyone will be thankful for the peace.

Happy Turkey Day


  1. has had the privilege of attending Jay's Thanksgiving.
    lots of feetballz, food, fun, & good fellowship.


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