Random Verse - An Old Story in a Brave New World

Thursday, September 24, 2009
Just some detached thoughts. I am not sure this totally makes sense, but, I am sure I will revisit this one eventually.

In1979 alone in his basement disaffected teenage angst
Fed by the freedom of the Boss and the rage of The Clash
The world was ending but he didn't know it
but it would be A New Day In America

Lulled to sleep by synthetic sounds
and the hum of a brave new world
Soon to be detached from this world
while being attached to the stream
at the periphery of his consciousness
Left to wonder how it could be arrested development
when there was nothing to arrest

In 2009 alone in his bubble that he carries everywhere
Fed by the streams of digital bits not angry or afraid
Freed to know everything but learn nothing
The world being a virtual buffet to be sampled but never really tasted

Expressing his righteous indignation into the ether
Where confrontation could avoided
by the judicious application of BLOCK USER
Living in his own echo chamber
Locking out the voices that challenge
Left to wonder how it could be arrested development
if he had never turned himself in.

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