Random Verse - All out or All in?

Thursday, September 17, 2009
I really have no commentary for this one, but I would be curious to know what you think.
There is nothing new under the sun
Just opportunists laughing and making fun
The world grows harder on this third rock
And the cynics are controlling the clock
Those who take their talking points from
South Park and The Daily Show and
Cable News know it all, but
There is nothing new under the sun
Just friends getting through each days run
This world is easier when a hand is extended
And dreams come easier when each day is ended


  1. Toast4:07 PM

    South park ist good and evil and the same time. Daily Show suxxx.

    There is really nothing new.

    But what is new ?

    How can you save the fallen ?

    How can you save yourself ?

    It seems so easy, but its so difficult.

    Who are those who are in charge ?

    Who charge those in controll ?

    Whats the point ?

  2. maybe life does have a point

    just a random meeting souls

    bouncing around a chaotic universe

    Saving yourself

    requires friends to help you back up

  3. Toast9:38 AM

    maybe pointing is hopeless

    cause at the end its a circle.

    maybe the circle is meant to be

    a the straight line hidden in the distance.

    maybe its the oceans, that keep
    coming and went away, with the time,
    giving ryhtmes to ones cry.

    maybe the souls that drown in them
    will save others cause they found
    some wood.

    and maybe instead of buidling walls,
    they do some good.

    instead of say "all is lost",
    perhaps those seeing reach the coast.

    after the storm its easy to be friends,
    but then, when saddle, the means
    justify the end ?

    i am not sure. it comes and goes,
    like the dark river,
    that in the sunshine solem glows.

  4. Toast, that is the perfect ending. You rock and are quite eloquent.


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