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Monday, July 27, 2009
What? I haven't blogged in over two weeks? Yeah, well, c'est la vie, I have been sort of busy with my personal and professional life. Nothing earth shattering, just the mundane day in & day out grind we get into.
When? Am I getting tired of blogging? Am I ready to give it up? I track my stats, and people do visit 'Music for a Mid-Life Geek' but I get very little feedback. It's okay. On a normal day, I visit between 5 to 20 different blogs and I actually comment at very few of them. So, no, I am not giving up on blogging. In fact I have been working on a random musing about The Clash. Here is a sample of this upcoming piece of work:
For some people, it is too much. 'Their Band' has sold out and is no longer worthy of their devotion. Call it "The Clash Conundrum". Were The Clash sellouts for signing with CBS or would they have been just as legendary without the big studio contract?
Where? Where am I today? Somewhere between here and there, trying to enjoy the trip. My life is much more quiet these days, which is good and bad. It is probably better to be bored than to be boring. Which is where this blog post is rapidly heading, so I will wrap it up with;
Why? Why not? Sure, being rhetorical is a cop out, but, whatever...

A quick random photo before I go: Welcome to Wyoming
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