QOTW - Is Tranformers 2 an art movie?

Friday, June 26, 2009
From Charlie Jane Anders over @ IO9, claiming "Michael Bay Finally Made An Art Movie": Transformers: ROTF has mostly gotten pretty hideous reviews, but that's because people don't understand that this isn't a movie, in the conventional sense. It's an assault on the senses, a barrage of crazy imagery. Imagine that you went back in time to the late 1960s and found Terry Gilliam, fresh from doing his weird low-fi collage/animations for Monty Python. You proceeded to inject Gilliam with so many steroids his penis shrank to the size of a hair follicle, and you smushed a dozen tabs of LSD under his tongue. And then you gave him the GDP of a few sub-Saharan countries. Gilliam might have made a movie not unlike this one.
Click through to read more. It gets better!


  1. "If you're drowning in an Olympic swimming pool full of hot chewing gum fondue, do you still care if Megan Fox likes you?"

    I almost died laughing at that part, for some reason. And now I kind of have to see this movie, because maybe, just maybe, it'll be the transcendent experience this guy says it was...probably not, but...you know.

  2. Even more funny from Cracked with the storyboards for Micheal Bay's The Great Gatsby!


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