Random Verse - One verse from 15 years ago.

Monday, April 06, 2009
In the summer of 1982, in Placentia, Ca., in another decade when I was still pretty sure I was like, the coolest guy, ever, one of my friends said "If you ever write a book, you should call it 'Dance The Coast'. You have my permission". I use the phrase 'friend' loosely here. He was more like some dude I got high with, but the phrase 'dance the coast' stuck in my head for some reason.

Flash forward to 1992. I had been stewing on 'dance the coast', when one night the following words popped into my head:
I dance your coast
You dance Mine
I wasn't sure what it really meant. So I stewed on it for another year, when I was struck with this verse:
I dance your coast, you dance mine.
All the way from Galilee.
Did you nail me to a cross for who I was?
Or for who I could be?
I thought it was pretty good and decided maybe I should write a poem using different historical figures who died young. Not as comparison or anything, just as a writing exercise. I threw together a few more, here and there, but never finished it. The only thing that remains is that verse.

I realize that this may seem a bit overtly, uh, let's say Christian. Sometimes words just pop into a writers head in a certain way. I am not attempting to make any type of statement with this verse. For me, my best work is usually a random assortment words that sound cool.

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