New Music Tuesday - Is It Alternative Folk or Folky Alternative Rock?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
This album has been out since last August, but to be honest I haven't really paid to much attention to it. A lot of people had mentioned them to me, knowing how much I like The Shins and Iron & Wine. My buddy Bee sent me a Starbucks download code for 'One Red Thread' today, which prompted me to buy '3 Rounds and a Sound'.

The comparison to The Shins is pretty obvious, but on a deeper level, they also remind me of Sufjan Stevens, especially the album opener 'Oviedo'.

Then again, it may be unfair to compare them to anyone. This Portland, Or. group has a catchy and poppy sound that is uniquely theirs. I look forward to seeing what they craft in the future.

Their Website Here...
Their MySpace Page Here...
Review @ Allmusic Here...
Video for Go On, Say It

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