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Monday, December 08, 2008
I fancy myself a bit of a uber geek. I have a tech job and spend my days following technology. I have various and sundry certifications showing my proficiency in various and sundry technologies and applications. Yet, I make mistakes. Rookie mistakes. Mistakes I frequently harp on with students who take classes from me.

First off, the pictures I took yesterday. When teaching introductory digital photography classes, I talk about white balance and how or why to use it. Now for most people, using the standard or auto white level on their DSLR is good enough, but I like to play with mine. Prior to going out on Sunday, I had been shooting a party at work. I had set my white balance to compensate for using a flash under pretty bright fluorescent lighting.

What did I do? Well, I always tell beginners, if you change your white balance settings, don't forget to reset them. You got it, I didn't reset my white balance levels. Fortunately, I shoot in RAW format, so fixing them was possible.

Next up, when teaching Photoshop classes (or any application class for that matter), I frequently remind people to save early, save often. I spent some time this morning working on some large panoramas in Photoshop, adjusting the images, stitching them together in preparation for a calendar I am working on. What did I do? Well, I wanted to post one to the web, so I fired up the save for web function and Photoshop promptly froze up on me. And I had not saved my images I had spent most of the morning working on.

The moral of all this? Good advice is good advice for everyone, including those who dispense it.BTW, here is one of those shots I was working on.
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