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Monday, December 12, 2005
After some thought, I have decided to give some focus to my blog. Prior to this it has pretty much just been some occasional meandering thoughts about my life and what stuff I like / digg on the intarwebs. That's fun and all, but I have a couple of confessions to make.

First off, I want to be a writer. It was my first creative love. Somehow, between marriage and kids and career, writing slowly moved to the back of the line. I am a programmer/webmaster, so I am still doing creative stuff, but not writing.

Sure I still write the occasional poem, and write down the odd story idea, but I never really follow through. So with that in mind, here comes my second confession.

I am a wannabe musician. Note, I said, 'wannabe'. I played drums in junior and senior high school, but I was more enthusiatic then talented. Both my older brother and my youngest son are gifted musically. You know the kind of people who can pick up any kind of musical instrument and coax a tune out of it, even if they have never played it before.

Not me. I had to work at my playing and even then I was just average. So, in the words of 'High Fidelity' I became a professional appreciater (is that a word?). I love music, in paticular, rock music, but other music as well.

Music influences me. It can set my mood. It inspires me. When I listen to new musicians or a new find (when I say new, I mean new to me), I am looking for that 'holy sh*t, this is so good' moment. When I find those moments, I treasure them.

Music moments have come define certain moments in my life, as I am sure they have with you. Thats what I am going to write about in this blog. Those 'holy sh*t' moments. Those memories that, like a Scorsese film, are accompanied with the perfect song for that moment.

Will anyone read this stuff? I don't know and to be honest nobody really reads my blog right now, save for a few close friends. I will still include the occasional observation outside of music. Maybe this little experiment will help me move back towards writing again.

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