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Saturday, May 21, 2005
I know that the Palm Tungsten E2 is kind of like the Kia Spectra of PDAs, but the bang per buck on it is pretty good.

I added the WiFi card, which is very cool and still spent less than $400.00 (249.00 for the palm 99.00 for the WiFi card). Now my palm does evrything I want it to. My only complaint is that the WiFi card is very hard on the battery, so it is a good thing PalmOne improved the battery life on the E2 in comparison to the E.

Coolest thing I have done with my Palm (beside blogging from outside)? PalmVNC. Remotely connected to my XP and my Linux desktops. Used it to monitor a large print job on our Fiery controller. Very cool and helpful.

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