At work... On a Saturday

Saturday, May 14, 2005
One of the things about being an IT guy that never changes, is having to work on the weekends. I try to balance it (I haven't been here on a weekend in over a month), but it is a necessity of the job.

We just got a new block of IP address for our external (web, mail, etc.) servers, so we need to get our boxes switched over, update DNS and all that fun stuff. It also summer catalog printing time, so I am overseeing that, too.

Thats one of the fun things about working at a small education outreach center in a small town. I don't just do the web site, I do the marketing, design the catalog and brochures and get run a very cool high end multipurpose copier. I get to do a little of everything.

Granted, I don't always play well with others, but I like this job most of the time.

Todays music? I am listening to Marshall Crenshaw's debut album. It is a great rock and roll album. Each song is a perfect pop confectionary. I get same feeling listening to this album today as I did in 1982 when I first heard it. It is still very fresh and makes me pretty happy. Best song? I like 'Cynical Girl', but there isn't a bad song on the album.

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